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As part of our rodent treatments – proofing recommendations

As part of our domestic internal rodent treatments for rats or mice, our experienced and qualified pest control technicians will also survey your property for possible structural defects that could allow rodents access into your property.

Some (there are many more) of the common structural faults we find are :-

  • Hole in external brickwork where there was once a waste pipe
  • Broken or missing air brick cover
  • Stack pipes in loft not capped off correctly
  • Open drain covers
  • Service lintels in foundations dug out
  • Holes under door threshold
  • Broken drain grids
  • Drain defects
  • Gaps in the floor under units
  • Gap under garage door (particularly if integral)

Other issues we will look for are climbing plants on external walls.

Proofing should be carried out as soon as possible after a treatment has been carried out.

Holes should be proofed with rodent proof materials i.e. metal/cement (not expanding foam)

N.B. Any recommended proofing or CCTV drain surveys should be carried out as part of the process of rodent control as potential rodent access needs to be eliminated.  We cannot guarantee that necessary proofing or drain surveys whether carried out by us or others will eliminate the rodent infestation, it is a process of eliminating causes of infestation.


If you think you have spotted signs of a rat or mouse infestation, our professional pest control technicians can help.

Our domestic rat treatment (inside or outside) is based on 3 visits to site over an approx. 21-day period.

Cost of a 3-visit domestic treatment is £216 including VAT (£240 if you keep chickens/livestock in garden)

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