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Cockroach infestations

23rd September 2019

Cockroaches are primitive insects whose origin can be traced back through the fossil record for at least 200 million years. There are approximately 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide – though only approximately 50 are regarded as pests. Those species which are classed as pests originated in tropical countries, but now thrive in countries with more temperate climates, having been distributed by international travel and trade. The German cockroach (Blattella germanica) and the Oriental cockroach (Blatta orientalis) are the most common species in the United Kingdom.

Cockroaches carry bacteria which can be responsible for gastroenteritis, dysentery and typhoid.  They can also pick up and transmit pathogens. Cockroaches are therefore an obvious public health pest and need to be effectively controlled.

Cockroaches are nocturnal. They spend the daytime hours hiding in cracks and crevices around sources of food and water such as sinks, drains, cookers, behind cupboards and in refrigerator and microwave motor compartments. Some species (i.e. the Oriental cockroach) prefer pipe work systems and service ducts in larger buildings, which can make their control all the more problematical.

The most common species of cockroach in this country is the German cockroach.  They are chestnut brown to dark brown with two dark almost parallel longitudinal stripes on the pronotum. Their colour depends on whether they are male or female and their life stage.  During the nymphal stage they are small and are a lighter colour. Cockroaches are 13-16mm long.

We offer a professional service to control cockroach infestations.  Our treatment is based on one or two visits necessary to eliminate an infestation.  We use modern gel baits which are safe for our customers, good for the environment and very effective are eliminating cockroach infestations,

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During a cockroach treatment we recommend the following:-

  • Open food should be kept in tightly sealed containers
  • Food preparation surfaces and floors should be kept as clean as possible
  • Clear up after every meal and do not leave food or dirty dishes/plans lying around, especially overnight!
  • Remove rubbish regularly from inside and keep in external bin which should be kept away from the property.
  • Seal any indoor drain edges are sealedcoverin

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