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Covid-19 Statement

To all our valued customers

During these challenging times we feel it is important to set out our priorities following the Government’s instructions to stay at home.

As pest management professionals, the service we provide protects public health, we keep pests out of buildings and your home.  It is our intention during these difficult times to continue to provide pest management services.

We have contacted all our commercial customers and we are responding to their needs.  If you are a business struggling with pest problems please contact us on 01491 628200 or by email [email protected]. Please be patient we are currently working restricted hours.

During this enforced period of lock down we will be unable to attend domestic properties.  This is to protect our staff and the public by reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19. 

We will continue to monitor this Covid-19 outbreak and follow as necessary all guidance and further recommendations issued by the U.K. Government.

The U.K. Government has not prioritised U.K. pest management as an ‘essential service’ the Government’s decision may change in the future. Pests have the potential to spread pathogens that cause disease. The importance of pest management cannot be understated at this time.

We must protect our staff and our customers and we have implemented risk mitigation measures to do this.  It is important everyone follows the Government guidelines to eliminate this highly contagious and potentially deadly virus by doing everything they are asked.

Please take care and stay safe.

Kind regards

Andrew Green

Managing Director

Vermatech Pest Control


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