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Can you tell the difference between wasps and bees?

Many people report sightings of wasps which are actually honey bees or bumble bees.
If you are requesting a treatment for wasps please be sure that the insects spotted are wasps and not bees as you will be charged for a call out if bees.  As all bees are a beneficial insect we will not treat them and request you “leave them bee”.

The difference between wasps and bees

Bees are often confused with wasps because they have a similar shape. However, wasps have distinct yellow/black bands around the abdomen whereas bees have a more light brown/brown-yellow colour.  Bees tend to be ‘hairy’ to allow pollen to be gathered more easily whilst wasps tend to be bald and shiny in appearance.Honey  bees are social insects and live in a hive which may contain several thousand workers. Unlike wasps and bumble bees, the honey bee’s hive will survive for many years.Although honey bees are capable of stinging, they are generally not aggressive and will not sting unless provoked. Bees should, preferably, be left alone.  If you require further information about bees please see the British Beekeepers website.

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