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rats in garden

Location, location, location!

Would a rat like to live in your garden, can you provide?

Food (i.e. bird feed, compost, windfall apples)

Harbourage (under sheds, decking, in log piles)

Water (pond or even a puddle)

If you think you have spotted signs of a rat infestation, our professional pest control technicians can help.

Our domestic rat treatment (inside or outside) is based on 3 visits to site over an approx. 21-day period.

During the course of a treatment we can provide advice on ways to proof your home against rodent entry. This may include simple measures such as filling holes with cement to prevent rodent entry or we may discuss drains.

Cost of a 3-visit domestic treatment is £216 including VAT (£240 if you keep chickens/livestock in garden)


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