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Pest Control in Lockdown

Life in Lockdown

Whilst the vast majority of the country has been consciously keeping a low profile, not going out, being careful of getting too close to one another and practicing good personal hygiene; there are some that we share our land with who are making the most of the free reign.

Undisturbed banqueting in bins and the freedom to meet with mates as they please it’s the pests that are revelling in a carefree life. So, what does this mean?

The panic buying and hoarding of perishable foods is where I will start. An outward display of greed and gluttony has benefitted no one. Once the bread turns blue and the milk smells sour, they are quickly thrown out into shiny plastic or metal tubs deemed all you can eat buffets. Buffets for the rats and flies who are not put off one bit by the date on the bag.

Pest management professionals are essential workers on the front line in a growing battle. We witnessed large amounts of food waste providing food for the eager rat population, this coupled with warm sun-soaked cars not moved for weeks provided the perfect nesting site.

We are experiencing increased calls as people are starting to go out more and more to find their pride and joy will not start. Mice and rats will make themselves homes within the looms and pipes under the car. Be sure to check under the bonnet as well as around shrubbery boarders and bin stores for rodent activity. This may give away what some have been up to whilst you have been climbing the walls.

With more spare time and the great weather we have experienced, I would be surprised if you haven’t been spending more time in your garden. What a hive of activity going on around you! Spring to Summer sees lots of change with local wildlife doing all they can to progress with their jobs. Queen wasps have been busy building their nests and as I write this, we are on the cusp of the first few sterile female workers emerging. Keep a keen eye in your sheds and all places warm and dry. There may be life happening in the corners that are normally overlooked.

Bees are swarming too, homeless and full of honey they are on an expedition to find a new home. When colonies grow too large, a Queen takes a portion of the hive and sets off in search of the perfect new home. You may find swarths of bees that have landed to take a break. Do not fret, they will often move on and are the least aggressive at this point with no home to protect. A local bee keeper may also be contacted as they will gladly brush the swarm up to take to their own hive. Remember the saying:

A swarm in May is worth a bale of hay

A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon

A swarm in July isn’t worth a fly

Please stay astute in these unprecedented times, even though we are not achieving much at the moment. The rodent and insect world are gunning full steam ahead to make the most of another productive year. Should you have any concerns Vermatech are here on the end of the phone to tackle any questions or problems you may have.

We are still operating, taking into account government advice, practicing social distancing and taking pride in personal hygiene to keep you safe as well as us.

We have been safeguarding the food production and pharmaceutical sector from the start allowing food and medicine to keep reaching those who need it untampered by any pest species!

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01491 628 200 should you have any questions or queries.


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