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rats living under decking

Rats love decking!

Decking provides secure harbourage and with leaves blowing underneath, a warm and dry place to live.

Decking can hide problems such as holes in walls, broken manholes and evidence of other causes of rat infestations.

Always have inspection panels built into your decking should access to clean drain gullies or removal of manhole covers be required for inspection of sections.

Ensure the edges are blocked off to stop leaf litter blowing under and help rodents. This is best achieved with a flush fitting gravel board and wire mesh dug in along the edge.  Mesh should have a hole size of 12mm or smaller.

Rat runs under decking
Rat runs under decking

If you think you have spotted signs of a rat infestation in your garden, our professional pest control technicians can help.

Our domestic rat treatment (inside or outside) is based on 3 visits to site over an approx. 21-day period.

Cost of a 3-visit domestic treatment is £216 including VAT (£240 if you keep chickens/livestock in garden)

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