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Spring insects

Spring Has Sprung

If you have started to notice an increase in insects buzzing around the windows this is completely normal at this time of year. Particularly in rural areas insects are emerging from diapause (hibernation for insects) and trying to make a quick exit from lofts, sash windows, cracks and crevices to partake in a new mating season.

Unfortunately, sometimes these insects have forgotten the way back out and end up causing a great nuisance in a bid for escape.

Cluster flies are the main cause for calls with their large blackish blue bodies commonly mistaken for bluebottles or blow flies but quite noisily and often in vast numbers buzzing around windows. Parasitic of the earth worm and most problematic in Autumn and Spring. Cluster flies are a persistent nuisance and can leave dots of dark excrement on windows which is difficult to get off. Hibernating in tiny cracks and crevices it is often difficult to proof your home to prevent cluster flies intruding.

Vermatech Cluster flies
cluster flies on window sill

The non-native and sometimes cannibalistic harlequin lady bird are another persistent over-winterer. There is no danger associated with the presence of these ladybirds although they can exude a yellow liquid which may cause some staining to furnishings. There is a fear harlequin lady birds will out compete our native species, but evidence is unclear.

Harlequin ladybirds
Harlequin ladybirds

All of these insects can either be tolerated through frequent vacuuming of windowsills or controlled using our professional pest control services.

Vermatech can carry out various methods of control for these insects the most effective being a fogging treatment with a ULV machine (ultra – low – volume). This knockdown insecticide acts quickly reaching all tucked away areas when these insects like to hibernate. Best carried out in Autumn or Spring the treatment will not leave an odour and a 2-hour withdrawal period allows rooms to be re-used quickly.

Caution needs to be taken in attics and loft spaces, as there may be bats present.  All bats and roosts in the UK are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  If bats are present it will be unlikely treatments will be carried out without seeking advice from the Bat Conservation trust (BCT) see https://www.bats.org.uk/.

Other methods of control include a spray treatment for window frames which has a residual presence of up to 6 weeks.

If these insects are bothering, you contact us to book in your treatment! Need advice? Give us a call on 01491 628 200.


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