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Accreditation and Membership Certificates
Material Safety Data Sheets and Labels for products we may use


Sakarat Bromabait

Sakarat Bromabait MSDS Mar 2018
Label Sakarat_Bromabait_20kg

Talon Soft

Talon Soft MSDS
Talon Soft Label

Ratimor Fresh (Pasta)

Ratimor Fresh Difenacoum MSDS
Ratimor Difenacoum Fresh Bait Label

Sakarat Brodikil

Sakarat Brodikill MSDS Feb 2017
Label Sakarat_Brodikill_Whole_Wheat_10kg_0918

Talon Wax Blocks

Talon Wax Blocks Brodifacoum MSDS
Talon Wax Blocks Brodifacoum Label

Ratimor Bromadiolone Blocks

Ratimor Bromadiolone Wax Blocks MSDS Jan 2015 CLP
RATIMOR Bromadiolone blocks – Stewardship Label

Ratimor Brodifacoum Blocks

Ratimor Brodifacoum Wax Blocks MSDS
Label Ratimor Brodifacoum Wax Blocks

Contrac All Weather Blox

Contrac All Weather Blox MSDS
Contrac All Weather Blox Label


ULV 500


Ficam D

Ficam D MSDS
Ficam D Label

Ficam W

Ficam W MSDS
Ficam W Label

Goliath Gel

Goliath Gel
Goliath Gel Label

Advion Cockroach gel

Advion Cockroach gel bait
Advion Cockroach gel bait label

Formidor Ant Gel

Formidor Ant Gel MSDS
Formidor Ant Gel label

Cimetrol Super EW

Cimetrol Super EW MSDS
Cimetrol Super EW Label

Maxforce Quantum

Maxforce Quantum Ant bait MSDS
Maxforce Quantum Label

K Orthrine

K-Othrine Partix MSDS Apr 2019

201909-kothrine-partix label-gbie-12x250ml–article-86713330-2

Vazor Provecta

Vazor Provecta MSDS Nov 2018

VAZOR Provecta label – 285x155mm – January 2020


Detex Blocks

Detex Non Toxic monitoring blocks