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Food Production Case Study

Vermatech have been carrying out routine maintenance at this particular bakery for a number of years with no major pest issues during our time looking after the business. The bakery’s hygiene strategy was rigorous, cleaning schedules even included the stripping and cleaning of internal areas of machinery.

It came as a surprised to us when Indianmeal Moth (Plodia interpunctella) were becoming trapped on our pheromone trap monitors. These traps use an impregnated female mating hormone which ensnares males onto the sticky 150mm x 50mm pads, holders designed to allow easy access by insects are hung on the walls in designated locations designed to catch Indianmeal moth.

This bakery produces bread and other bakery products for supermarkets, restaurants, cafes and local shops. This resulted in a large amount of flour and seed ingredients being delivered regularly. These ingredients would arrive from predominantly Europe but also the Middle East and North Africa. This aroused suspicion from the Vermatech technicians, perhaps the moth were being brought in on infested materials from abroad?

It was recommended that all deliveries were thoroughly inspected for any adult moth or moth caterpillars. Due to the ingredients arriving from equally diligent suppliers and the use of high quality raw materials there was fortunately no pest activity to be found. Another approach perhaps?

All corners of the premises were stripped of fixed work benches and any small cracks were inspected and repaired, no adult moth or larvae found.

It wasn’t until the decision was taken to increase monitoring to all areas including offices, staff rooms and change overs. It transpired that an opened packet of porridge oats had become wedged behind the units in the staff kitchen had over time become infested! Once removed and the source of the infestation had been removed the remaining adult moth had either died naturally or were caught on the pheromone traps. This small problem was solved before it had spread to other production areas with obvious consequences.

Having the knowledge on how individual pest species thrive and reproduce is critical when implementing integrated pest management for our customers.

Designed to ensure our services cover your individual requirements, our service contracts include only the necessary pests (e.g. rats, mice, cockroaches, stored product insects) and the right number of visits which are required. We offer the best prices along with a quality service that boasts no hidden extras.

As Vermatech Pest Control are full members of the British Pest Control Association we therefore have to meet a number of strict criteria, namely:

  • Staff must be adequately trained in the identification and assessment of pest problems and in the selection and application of safe, effective and appropriate control measures
  • We must demonstrate a high standard in our business systems, record keeping, stores, vehicles and procedures
  • BPCA members must carry adequate public, products and employers’ liability insurance
  • All employees within the business that will, within the course of their duties, attend the premises of our clients are subject to background checks by way of Criminal Records Bureau Standard Disclosure
  • We must be able to demonstrate the ability to provide adequate health and safety documentation and procedures covering risk assessment and control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)
  • We must conform to the BPCA’s Code of Practice, you can therefore feel assured of a quality service

Vermatech technicians are fully qualified to RSPH Level 2 or equivalent and take pride in researching and discussing not just common but less well-known pest species. We deliver the best possible service to each and every customer, taking into account their specific needs and putting their businesses and reputation first.

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