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Pest Control for Hotels & Hospitality

Pests such as rodents, cockroaches and flies may be responsible for transmitting infection and disease and are certainly able to transport and introduce pathogens that can cause illness in humans. Bed bugs cause irritation and their bites can lead to secondary infections. Although not always associated with spread of disease, pest infestations are distressing. Pest infestations can spread quickly through accommodation, are difficult to eradicate and can be very costly in terms of specialist treatments.

Meet your requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide a safe working environment. By employing Vermatech we operate a safe system of work using suitable RISK and COSHH assessments.

Adverse publicity and litigation can be even more costly in relation to reputation and future of the business. Pest risk minimisation and pest proofing are important steps in reducing the risk to public health and to safeguarding high quality hospitality services. Your reputation and business may never recover from a pest infestation. Prosecutions and fines for pest-infested premises attract media attention to your business. The loss of consumer confidence may ultimately force closure.

Owners and managers of hospitality accommodation should put into place an integrated pest management strategy which can be implemented and audited as part of the business and premises management programme. The plan should be sensitive to the issues of sustainability without prejudicing public health. Staff should be involved at all levels to help identify potential problems which leads to early detection and swift eradication of developing infestations by pest control professionals.

Vermatech Pest Control provides hospitality customers with a programme of scheduled monitoring and advises on necessary remedial work that may need to be carried out on site to prevent infestations from developing.

At each visit, we will provide an inspection report of our findings and any recommendations will be documented, as well as details of any treatments carried out. Reports are filed in the Pest File held on site, helping meet your due diligence requirements.

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