Hotel Pest Control Case Study by Vermatech Pest Control in Reading

Hotel Pest Control Case Study

Carrying out pest control services in the hospitality sector requires meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of the business day to day running. Guests are present day and night 24 seven, enjoying an early breakfast and a pleasant peaceful night’s sleep.

There are all manner of potential rodent and insect problems associated with the hospitality industry. A hotel, dating back to the 1700s was battling against pests.
Customers had been complaining of hearing scampering in the ceilings and under the floor boards for several months. A request for help from our customer was made after several attempts by other pest control companies to solve the problem had failed.

Evidence noted during our initial survey indicated long term and heavy rat activity was present within the building fabric.

Due to our experience in dealing with older buildings our priority was to investigate the primary route for rats entering buildings, we immediately suspected the foul drains.
Upon lifting all manhole covers for a visual inspection of the drains, there was evidence of one or more of original glazed clay drain pipes had suffered a partial collapse and was potentially the point of rat ingress, there was soil and rubble present on the benching in the manhole, this was a concern.

Baiting quickly took place in all accessible areas where rat activity had been within the building. With no hesitation we recommended a CCTV drain survey should be carried out to locate and repair any drains that had broken. Breaks or cracks due to settlement over 300 years was to be expected, tree roots or the misalignment of clay pipes being joined to modern plastic connections are incredibly common.

We implemented an intensive treatment over three to four weeks. All necessary repairs to the drains were carried out immediately by drain experts. After which the rat activity ceased.

Vermatech technicians naturally have a logical and common sense approach to problems this allows them to produce results quickly whilst reassuring our customers their problems will be solved.

We introduced regular inspections throughout the year as part of a routine maintenance programme on behalf of our customer and no further pest issues have arisen since.

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