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Commercial fly control unit and electric fly killer

Commercial Fly Control Units (electric fly killers)

Electric fly killers are an important component of an integrated pest management programme.

Fly control units are employed to control the small number of flying insects that enter premises through open doors and windows, despite efficient screening and flying insect exclusion measures. Flying insects are attracted to the ultra-violet light emitted by the unit and are either trapped on an adhesive glue board, or ‘zapped’ by high voltage electric charge. In certain situations, catch analysis can provide important information in regards to monitoring to prevent the development of infestations by identifying specific species of insect this can alert us to potentially unseen problems.

There are two different types of fly control units: electric grid or glue board. Choice will depend on where the unit is to be located. Standard operating procedures within the business may dictate what type of unit should be used.

High Voltage Electric Grid units: attract flies with UVA lamps, the fly is then zapped on a high voltage electric grid. Siting of electric grid machines should not be over food preparation area to avoid food being contaminated by insect blow out.

Glue board: attract flies with UVA lamps, the fly is then caught on a very stick glue board. These machines are used in sensitive environments as there will be a much reduced risk of insect blow out. They can therefore be used in food preparation and manufacturing areas.

Electric Grid Unit

Electric grid fly control unit or fly killer

Glue Board Unit

Glue board fly control unit or fly killer

To ensure optimum performance fly control units should be serviced in the spring, so they are fully operational well before the summer months. UVA lamp(s) and starter(s) should be changed annually. Glue boards will need to be changed regularly.

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