Cockroach Facts & Info on Infestations • How To Get Rid of Cockroaches


Cockroaches are easily distinguished by their flat oval bodies, long antennae and ability to move very quickly.

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  • German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

    The German Cockroach is thought to have originated from North East Africa but now can be found in virtually all parts of the world. The German Cockroach prefers warm moist conditions (kitchens, bathrooms etc) and has consequently become a common pest of heated buildings.

    German Cockroaches are easily moved from place to place in boxes or bags of food, furniture, second hand white goods. Only one egg carrying female is needed to begin the development of an infestation. Given a suitable environment – warmth, humidity, food, water, and secure harbourage- German Cockroach infestations will develop very quickly.

    Colour: Light beige/brown and 10-15mm long.

    The Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

    The Oriental Cockroach is a known major pest of buildings, notably cellars, basements, ducts, drains, boiler rooms, kitchens, bakeries, toilets and bars. The Oriental Cockroach is widely distributed in almost all temperate regions of the world, preferring less humid and cooler conditions than other cockroach species.

    Colour dark mahogany to black. The length of an adult is approximately 18-24mm.

    Cockroaches are principally nocturnal and so are not often seen during the day. Getting rid of cockroaches is a difficult task due to their elusive, nocturnal nature and their ability to adapt rapidly to their chosen environment.

    Vermatech Pest Control is highly experienced in the control and eradication of cockroaches.

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    Common Insects and Rodents

    Below are a list of some of the more typical rodents and insects we provide pest control for.

    Rats icon


    There are two species of rat in Britain, Rattus Norvegicus which is commonly known as the Brown Rat or Common Rat. The Rattus Rattus, referred to as the Black Rat or Ship Rat is now rarely found in the UK.

    Mice icon


    The House Mouse, and sometimes the Long-Tailed Field Mouse are found in buildings as they seek the warmth and shelter for nesting sites and food.


    Grey Squirrels

    Deliberately introduced to this country sometime in the 19th century, the grey squirrel has spread throughout most of mainland England & Wales. Mainly a resident of broadleaved and mixed woodlands it is also a typical resident of urban parks and gardens.

    Cockroach icon


    Cockroaches are distinguished by their very long whip-like antennae, flat oval bodies and rapid, jerky walk. There are two main species of cockroach in Britain the German and Oriental Cockroaches.

    Fleas icon


    The most common species of Flea is the Cat Flea, known for readily biting humans. The Bird Flea are next in importance, followed by dog fleas, although other species may become temporarily attached to dogs.

    Wasps icon

    Wasps & Hornets

    If you are seeing a large number of wasps or hornets in and around your home or work, there’s probably a wasps’ nest or a attractant nearby.

    Flies icon

    Cluster Flies

    Are found in numerous locations during Autumn to Spring, but usually in lofts, window frames including sash windows and timber cladding.

    Ants icon


    The commonest species of ant that invades houses is the Black Garden Ant (Lasius niger). Black garden ants are not vectors of disease, however they can become a nuisance by way of their foraging behaviour.

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