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Wasps & Hornets

Worried about wasps? Our professional pest control technicians can help.

During the Summer months if you are seeing a large number of wasps in and around your home, there is probably a wasp nest or a substantial attractant nearby.

Our domestic wasp nest treatment price is £70 inc VAT. Additional wasp nests treated at the same time as the first are charged at £25 inc VAT for each additional nest.

Wasp/hornet nests at all heights will be subject to a visual risk assessment. If the technician cannot safely treat the nest with the equipment that is carried routinely to treat nests or is above 4 metres a further risk assessment will be carried out and additional access equipment may be necessary requiring extra labour in the case of long ladders or mobile work platforms. Any treatments requiring this will be at additional cost. You will be advised if this is the case.

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Possible locations for a wasp nest

  • In shrubs and hedges
  • Hole in the ground
  • In wall cavities
  • Under the eaves and roof tiles
  • In your shed or garage

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We have treated wasp nests in some very strange locations, i.e. hanging at the bottom of a curtain, in an old boot, in a rolled-up carpet.

To work out where your wasps’ nest is, you should visually, from a safe distance, watch for a direct flight path to and from the nest site.

Active wasp nests are treated in situ, there is on need to remove them, as this would be dangerous and we need all the workers to come back to the nest.

Call Vermatech today to arrange treatment of your wasp or hornets nest. We will need to know the location of the nest (ground, hedge or roof). Wasp nests are seasonal and treated from mid-June to October.

All works carried out will be undertaken by fully qualified, professional technicians trained to RSPH Level 2 or equivalent.


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    What Our Clients Say

    Mr B, Reading

    Arrived on time, surveyed problem with wasps, explained what he was going to do, put on safety clothes, did the job ,tidied up, explained what he had done, no problems, and before I got the bill he said that if he hadn`t cured the problem ,give it 48 hours and call the office and he would come back free of charge. Very pleased with helpful company and reasonable charge. Thank you Vermatech.

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