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Pest Control for Cheese Makers

Pest control for a cheesy customer

Working together in harmony for thousands of years; the art of cheese making and the services of the pest controller are a proven relationship.  This rind has only strengthened over the years providing prevention and solutions for all types of cheese making premises, big and small!

There’s so much going on when looking after a dairy or creamery with big pest attractants and no margin for error. As a pest controller I simply cannot take my eye off the brie!

Safeguarding your product all the whey through from acidification to packaging is my main goal as a contractor. The cheese is moved from room to room and at risk in all stages of its development. Every possibility of pest interference must be considered because, just like you, I want to see the cheese enjoyed in all of its pristine glory by the customer.

Rats, mice, flying and crawling insects simply cannot wait to get their paws and antenna all over your extravagantly cared for product or indeed, waste products. The main battle I face is almost always the latter. Whey! A grey area for disposal! Whether you’re trying to bulk up, bathe in it or feed it to the animals it’s an inevitable byproduct of making cheese and it has to go somewhere!

Both rodents and flies are attracted to whey so a thorough visual inspection of where the whey is stored is a must on every routine visit. If its stored in a ditch it makes a perfect water and food source for rats.

The smells of production with the addition of ammonia is often too tempting for many pest fly species, pulling them in from afar. Having a keen eye for door and window seals is an incredibly important skill for a pest controller, sometimes picking up a damaged window seal early could save a lot of hardship in the future.

Keeping flies out is critical and reinforces the importance of the second line of defense with the irresistible UV light of the fly control unit.

Knowing which fly control units and their placement within the premises can be the ace for avoiding maggots in the cheese. Casu marzu need not apply! No matter how Roquefort your premises is, you cannot allow that one sly blow fly tailgating a busy cheesemaker or nipping through a briefly opened window. Unlike me, fly control units are working 24/7 365 days a year.

I enjoy eating cheese and having the privilege to work in our customers creameries has excelled my experience as a pest controller. I’ve learnt that attention to detail is paramount within this industry.

I relish in aiding the preparation for a S.A.L.S.A or a supermarket audit, making sure I’ve done everything possible to help make the process run smoothly from the pest control end.

Understanding what the buyers and auditors need and providing impeccable compliance is why Vermatech Pest Control is the popular choice within food production.

Thanks for reading and have a grate day!


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