Coming soon to a street near you - Watch out, there is a queen wasp (or hornet) about! • Vermatech Pest Control

Coming soon to a street near you – Watch out, there is a queen wasp (or hornet) about!

Property completions and moving dates may have been put on hold for the time being this year for humans but that isn’t stopping the Queen wasps! They, as a matter of fact, have an urgent time limit to set up a home, preferably south or west facing, access to local amenities and bedrooms for 10,000 plus offspring! Try putting those details into Zoopla!

The recent warm weather has woken the weary hibernators and the search commences for the RightMove. But firstly, she needs to work out how to make her way out of her perfectly warm and stable hibernation spot.

Please do not be startled if you have noticed large wasps bumbling into windows trying to escape into the open outdoors. She has no qualm with you or your home and often opening up windows and doors will allow her to make her own way out and see what’s On The Market.

As she tirelessly searches all nooks and crannies for the perfect spot. Now may seem like a good idea to pick the phone up and frantically call Vermatech; but on the contrary, she is purely solitary at this point and although she can sting, will be unwilling to do so with such an important job role to carry out.

Once she has found her PrimeLocation she will begin building her nest. Collecting wood pulp from doors, benches, cladding and any good source of dry wood she creates a papier mâché type building material which she pastes on to sculpt her nest.

Building constantly from a single layer with an attaching stalk she will actively carry on until what resembles a golf ball sized beigey-brown nest. In this she will lay her first batch of eggs, hatching into infertile female worker grubs that she will feeds with all manner of prey items such as caterpillars, spiders and ants. These workers must carry on from her building and rearing new workers whilst she remains in the nest from here on producing more and more female workers.

As fascinating as I find these marvelous and hardworking insects, they can become a nuisance. With the ability to chew through plasterboard into ceilings for nest expansion or if you are allergic to their sting, wasp nests should be dealt with.

We are experienced in dealing with wasp nests, with the training and ability to treat high up in the eaves or roof with our extendable telescopic lances. We are also fully insured to carry out all aspects of wasp control.

We start treating wasp nests from about the end of June until the Autumn.



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